Fun.Food.Focus...Team Building Activities

 team togetherFun.Food.Focus events are a fresh and novel team experience, tapping into Australia’s fascination with gourmet food and cooking skills.

Fun.Food.Focus team building events and corporate challenges are designed to foster cooperation, communication and team work to achieve set objectives.

They also develop team spirit, bonding and greater empathy within a team resulting in a motivated and higher performing group.




Our qualified coaches gently guide team members to work more effectively together and achieve some of the following changes:

  • Building cohesive teams
  • Developing a problem solving culture
  • Identifying strong, successful leaders and future managers
  • Increasing effective and fluid communication
  • Encouraging creative and original thinking
  • Effecting positive change in corporate culture

Every Fun.Food.Focus event is designed specifically for your business to address your unique situation and your taste in cuisine. We generally combine a short learning session before planning, preparing, cooking and finally eating the fabulous meal.

Either you choose your cooking teams or we can.

The end result is a strong team dynamic of camaraderie where team members have better understanding of their colleagues and of their own strengths.

Plan to expand your team’s horizons with a bespoke team building activity from Fun.Food.Focus. Contact Us.