Fun.Food.Focus... Corporate Events 

corp events overview - morrocan red bullLooking for a unique way to reward your staff or clients? Or an interactive and engaging way to develop your team?

Fun.Food.Focus creates events that are tailored to your business needs but centre around a hands-on cooking experience mentored by top chefs.

And to make it truly unforgettable, we can create a themed event in a range of different cuisines. 

Facts about Team Building Events
Based on a recent survey by Red Balloon

  • 81% of respondents like team building events and 82% want a chance to participate in more
  • People do not like events where there is a chance of personal embarassment notably with physical challenges.
  • 69% enjoy the experience of food, beverage and entertainment
  • 78% like getting out of the office and associating in a new environment
  • 56% enjoyed learning new skills and experiences in a non threatening environment 

 Benefits of a Cooking event

  • Suitable for all people of all ages and ability
  • Everyone is a winner (unless you want a competitive element!)
  • Everyone has some cooking experience making it a more level playing field
  • Food brings people together
  • No Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT); can be fully deductible as training

Choose which option suits your corporate event objectives