About Fun.Food.Focus

Sandra-CrossFun.Food.Focus was founded by Dr Helen Paige, to combine her two abiding passions, learning and cooking. Sandra Cross has recently become the Director and continues in the same tradition.

Sandra Cross has extensive experience working as a chef in Australia and overseas. She has lived and travelled widely in Asia and the Middle East, and draws on her understanding of those cultures and cuisines to enhance her cooking. Sandra has accumulated a vast knowledge of ingredients and techniques and delights in the challenge of developing unique menus for each catering event. The experience of living in other cultures has contributed to her understanding of their cuisines, and as a result her cooking has become increasingly adventurous and authentic. Sandra’s passion for food from different regions leads her to experiment with unusual flavours and combinations and to develop her own recipes using the underlying principles of a cuisine.

Sandra has been working with the founder of Fun.Food.Focus, Helen Paige,  since 2011, as well as with award-winning catering professionals, Encore Group and Epicure Catering. She has also operated her own catering business, crosscatering. Sandra has taught cooking classes specializing in Indian, Moroccan, Thai and Mediterranean food, and has catered themed dinners and events for private clients.

With this unique mixture of learning and cooking skills and experience, Fun.Food.Focus is the perfect partner for your next event.